What Is Web Hosting And Types Of Web Hostings?

What is web hosting, what are its types? And what is its importance in website development, why web hosting is necessary for any web site. There are many such questions, to which we will try to find answers today. When we think of making a commercial web site or a blogging website, then it is very important for us to have two things. One is Domain Name and the other is Web Hosting. With the help of these two, we can create any web site or blog on the Internet.

Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller hosting is a different form of web hosting, where the hosting owner can allocate his unused space to host a third party website. Here the original hosting account owner is called ‘reseller’ in this example.

Reseller Hosting Advantage

In this, if some space is not required in the place purchased, then you can share it with any other party.

Reseller Hosting Disadvantage

  • Limited Access is available in this
  • You become dependent on Hosting Provider

What are the features of web hosting?

Not every web hosting is created equal. The host you choose also has an impact on your site’s performance, uptime and management experience.

Here are some features that you must keep in mind while choosing a web host.


For starters, you want a host that offers exactly the hosting you need, and is within your budget. Sure, you may want to opt for the highest level of WordPress hosting available, but if you are building your first site, a normal shared host will be fine.

Beyond that, here are some specific features to look out for:

  • Bandwidth/Traffic

Your bandwidth is the amount you receive each month, plus the number of pages each person views. You will generally want to select a web hosting plan that can support your maximum bandwidth requirements.

  • Storage Space

Website files are generally very small, but if you are storing a lot of user data, videos or other media, you need to make sure that the storage provided is sufficient.

  • Uptime

Most hosting companies list their uptime as a percentage. It is normal to have 99.9% uptime. But, some websites may require 100% uptime.

  • Email Account

Typically, your web hosting provider will allow you to create a domain associated email address. Some hosts will provide this for free, while others will charge you a fee.

  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

FTP lets you upload files directly from your computer to your server. You may not need this function, but some users will demand it.

  • Technical Support

It is always good to know that the hosting company has an efficient support team. A quality support staff only who can solve any problem in time.

Which is the web hosting service provider?

  • Hostinger
  • Blue Host
  • Site Ground
  • Host Papa
  • Go Daddy
  • Inter Server
  • A2 Hosting
  • Host Gator
  • In Motion
  • Dream Host


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