Blackie BumBum Pubg ID, Name. Device & More

Hey guys welcome back to our Website. Today we are going to Talk about Blackie BumBum or Blackie BumBum Pubg.

Blackie BumBum is known as BumBum Pubg. He lives in Malaysia. Approximately, he is 24 years old. He likes to Drawing and making Short Clips or Movies. He knows 4 languages which are English, Mandarin, Malay, and Cantonese. Mostly, he uploads Funny PUBG Mobile Video on His Youtube Channel.

Blackie BumBum’s Youtube channel name is BumBum. People known as a BumBum Pubg because he upload videos of PUBG. He started his Youtube channel in 2018 at 29 January. He has around 800k subscribers on Youtube.

Blackie BumBum plays PUBG Mobile on iPad Pro using 4 Fingers Claw Controls. He has around 5 million popularity in PUBG Mobile. He upload PUBG Mobile exe videos. This is the kind of Funny Videos, Trolling Noobs, Glitches, etc.

Real Name BumBum
Nickname BumBum
Age Approximately 24 Years Old
Place of Birth Malaysia
Nationality Malaysian
Country Malaysia
PUBG ID 5117690045
PUBG Name BlackieBumBum
Clan No Recoil Squad
Crew Name akaGspot
Controls 4 Fingers
Device iPad Pro
Instagram blackie_bumbum
Email Not Known
Youtube blackie_bumbum

Blackie BumBum Pubg Mobile ID Number

Blackie BumBum Pubg ID is 5117690045. And his Pubg ID Name is BlackieBumBum.

Lesser Known Facts about BumBum Pubg

Blackie BumBum is the famous gamer of Malaysia.
He lives in Malaysia.
He make funny PUBG videos.
Approximately, he is 24 years old.
Does Blackie BumBum smokes? Yes
Does Blackie BumBum drinks alcohol? No



Most Searched Questions about Blackie BumBum

Who is BumBum Pubg?
Ans: Blackie BumBum is the most famous Pubg Mobile Streamer from Malaysia. He started his Pubg Mobile Youtube channel in 2018.

What is the real name of Blackie BumBum?
Ans: Not Known

Which device does BumBum Pubg use?
Ans: iPad Pro

What is the net worth of BumBum?
Ans: Not Known

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